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Debs Venue Basics

November 22, 2012 by keelin | No Comments | Filed in Debs Tips and Advice

Not all debs venues offer an all-inclusive debs package but all venues will be able to provide the basic elements that you need for a debs ball. To keep the ticket price low some hotels provide a meal only option. Although it is called a ‘Meal Only’ package the name is a little deceiving. Regardless of the debs package the venue should provide the following:

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Where To Have Your Debs?

November 21, 2012 by keelin | No Comments | Filed in Debs Tips and Advice

Deciding where to have your debs ball is one of the most important roles of the debs committee. The venue you select will heavily influence what type of debs you have. When selecting a venue the first thing to do is create a shortlist of three to five venues that fit your criteria. Creating a shortlist of venues will reduce the amount of time you have to spend contacting and viewing venues that might not suit your needs.

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New Debs Package Filters

November 15, 2012 by iarfhlaith | No Comments | Filed in Announcements

Today we’re releasing another exciting new feature on our Debs Hotel listings. In another new first in Ireland, it’s now possible to filter through debs packages right across the country to find the perfect venue for you and your classmates.

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When To Have Your Debs

November 14, 2012 by keelin | No Comments | Filed in Debs Tips and Advice

When picking the date to hold your debs ball there are number of things a debs committee should consider. Here are some things to think about before choosing the date:

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Tips For Debs Committees

November 13, 2012 by keelin | No Comments | Filed in Debs Tips and Advice

Forming a debs committee seems very straight forward but if it’s not done correctly it can cause a lot of issues. Here are our top five tips for creating a debs committee:

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