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Diary Of A Debutante

August 29, 2012 by guest | No Comments | Filed in Debs Diaries
We’re super excited to introduce our very first guest blogger Kim Cadogan. Kim is a 19 year old former fashion student currently studying journalism. She lives in Dublin indulging in her obsession with the fashion world. Her motto says it all “I believe vices should be enjoyed, if not what’s the point in having them?”. We couldn’t agree more. Find more posts from Kim on her own blog

My years of pestering my best friend’s brother into inviting me to his debs finally paid off last week where instead of beaching on the couch in front of the TV with a shopping trolley full of junk food as I’ve grown accustomed to on Wednesday nights I got ready to attend my third (and a half) debs! Now I will admit I got completely swept up in the excitement and ignored the fact that I have no job and am supposed to be saving for my second year of college, oh no my thoughts were only of flouncing around in another pretty dress and doing too many shots. This was definitely going to be fancy on the cheap.

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