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Today we’re releasing another exciting new feature on our Debs Hotel listings. In another new first in Ireland, it’s now possible to filter through debs packages right across the country to find the perfect venue for you and your classmates.

Filterability Baked In

Need a venue that’s got a nightclub, offers bedroom accommodation and provides a champagne reception all as part of their package? No problem.

Don’t want to settle for anything less than a chocolate fountains, red carpets and spot prizes on the night? Sorted.

Our filters work across our entire hotel listings, throughout the whole country. Every single county is covered.

Improved Hotel Listings

As part of this release, we’re also now listing the exact details of each hotel’s debs package, including pricing, right on the website. You don’t have to login to see it. You can now see exactly what’s in each hotel debs package, how much it costs, and can sort and compare different ones more easily than ever before.

Need Exact Pricing?

If you need to know exact pricing details for any of the debs packages on our site, you’ll need to create an account and tell us how many guests you expect to go to your debs. Our ticketing software will automatically calculate exact pricing based on your estimated numbers and on your selections.

We’ve got lots more great features planned very soon, so please keep an eye on the site and on this blog for more updates. In the mean time, enjoy the new features, play around with them, and if you have any questions, please get in touch at


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