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Not all debs venues offer an all-inclusive debs package but all venues will be able to provide the basic elements that you need for a debs ball. To keep the ticket price low some hotels provide a meal only option. Although it is called a ‘Meal Only’ package the name is a little deceiving. Regardless of the debs package the venue should provide the following:

Red Carpet

All venues have a red carpet that can be rolled out. So don’t be afraid to ask for it if it isn’t listed in the debs package details.


Whether it’s a silver service four course meal or simple finger food all venues will provide food. Most venues will give you sample menus to choose from too. If they don’t include what you are looking for, have a chat to the debs organiser in the venue and let them know what you want. Most venues will be more than happy to create a custom menu as long as it’s the same price as the sample menu.

Dressed Tables

All debs venues will include white linen tablecloths for the ballroom tables. Some may even include tea-lights or candelabra centerpieces. Ask the debs organiser at the hotel what’s include as standard if the details aren’t included in the debs package.

Venue Security

Security will be required by all venues for the duration of the night. Most venues factor the cost of the security into the ticket price. If they don’t there will be an additional cost added to your bill. Usually a venue will require two security personnel for a debs of 100 guests and an additional security person for every 100 extra guests. The cost of security will be charged at an hourly rate per security person. It is best to ask the hotel to build this cost into the ticket price so the debs committee don’t have to worry about collecting money for security separately.

Bar Extension

Almost all debs venues will be willing and able to get a bar extension for the debs night. The time a bar extension can run until depends on the night of the week the debs is taking place. Make sure you confirm the time before you book your debs to avoid the disappointment of the bar closing earlier than expected. The cost of the bar extension (usually €500) may be included in the ticket price. If not, they will add this cost to your bill. Bear in mind that even if you have paid for a bar extension the management in the venue can close the bar at anytime. In fact, don’t be surprised if the bar is temporarily closed at the beginning of the meal to make sure everyone is seated and served.

Everything Else

Once the venue provides all these basic elements you should be happy to go ahead with the booking. If you want to add or remove any other package options feel free to ask the debs organiser within the hotel. They will usually be very helpful and may be able to suggest options to make your debs night extra special.

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