Parents At The Debs?

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Most debutante balls are attended by students and their dates only. However a number of debs committees do consider inviting parents and teachers along too. If you are thinking about extending the invitation to parents or teachers here are a few things to consider:


The atmosphere at a debs with parents or teachers will be different to the atmosphere of a debs with just your year. It’s likely that the debs will be more formal and sophisticated if parents attend. If you are looking for an old world debutante experience then inviting parents is a great idea. If you are hoping for a crazy all night debs then inviting your parents to the school or drinks reception only is probably best.


Bear in mind the traditions that exist in your school. In some schools the parents are always invited. In fact, the parents organise the whole event. If this is the case it’s probably best not to break with the tradition. If you really want to move away from what is normally done, have a chat with the Parents’ Association to see what their feelings are about it. Who knows, they may be relieved not to be involved.

Extra Cost

Another important factor to consider is the extra cost each family will incur if two parents are expected to attend the ball. Parents will have to pay for two additional tickets, drinks and suitable clothing as well as contribute towards (if not cover the full cost of) the debutante’s tickets, dress/tux and all the extras. Effectively the cost of the debs will double which will put most people under extra financial pressure.

Venue Requirement

It’s important to note that some venues require a small number of parents or teachers to be on the premises (in some cases they require them to attend the meal too). The venue will often provide complimentary tickets to these parents or teachers. The idea is that the parents or teachers will take responsibility for the guests if needed. Check the small print of the debs package to find out if your hotel requires this. If they do and it puts you off booking then let them know. Venues can often be flexible on this rule if it is the difference between getting a booking or not.

If you still aren’t sure whether to invite parents or teachers then ask your year to vote on it. If they are undecided then open the debs to any parent or teacher who wants to attend. Then only parents who want to go (and can afford to go) will attend and other parents won’t feel under pressure.

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