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Forming a debs committee seems very straight forward but if it’s not done correctly it can cause a lot of issues. Here are our top five tips for creating a debs committee:

1. Keep it small

You might be tempted to have lots of debs committee members in your organising committee in an attempt to make sure that the opinions of each class or group are considered. However having a large debs committee can be a massive hinderance.

Keeping the debs committee small means that decisions are made quicker. It’s best if you have no more than four committee member and ideally one member from each class or group.

2. Take responsibility

Once the debs committee members have been chosen assign roles to each person. Although it is the job of the entire debs committee to organise the graduation ball everyone needs their own responsibility to make sure the whole thing doesn’t get left to one person.

Ideally you should have two people who work together to pick the venue and two that work together to collect the payments from the rest of the year.

3. Be democratic

Although the debs committee have the final say on where the debs is held, what day of the week and the budget for the tickets it is important to consider the opinion of the rest of the year.

Before you start any research carry out a quick survey or vote with the rest of the year. Give them three choices for the debs date (day of the week and month), ticket price and county. Then go with the most popular choices.

4. Remember you can’t please everyone

The responsibility of being on the debs committee comes with the right to have the final say.

Once you have asked the year their opinion there is no need to ask them again. You can’t please everyone all the time so be confident that your decision is the right one. If you take requests from people outside the debs committee you’ll find it very difficult to get anything booked.

5. Enjoy it

Planning your debs is a great chance to work with your classmates on something that will be remembered forever. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t get stressed out about it. A few things won’t go as smoothly as you hoped but don’t let it cause arguments or ruin your night.

Being on the debs committee is a lot of work but remember that you are organising a fun night so try have fun while you are planning it.

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