When To Have Your Debs

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When picking the date to hold your debs ball there are number of things a debs committee should consider. Here are some things to think about before choosing the date:

Is the venue available?

The majority of debs venues are only available on Monday to Thursday so it is likely that your debs will have to take place mid-week. If the venue has a nightclub there may also be restrictions on the day of the week that the nightclub will be opened. Some venues will only cater for debs after wedding season finishes (summer months). Don’t worry though most of them are available all year round.

To find out what dates are available for the venue you have chosen check the small print of their debs package and then request an availability check in the debs.ie app.

Is there a tradition in the school?

Some schools prefer to hold the debs during the summer before everyone moves away to college. While other schools prefer to have the debs ball after the Leaving Cert results. If it is tradition to have your debs on the same day every year you’ll probably want to continue it.

Speak to someone who was in the year above you to find out if the debs is always held in the same month or on the same day of the week.

Is your school planning a reception in the school before the debs?

Your school or parents’ association might organise a drinks reception or photos in the school on the night of the debs.

If they do you’ll need to speak with them to agree on a date that suits them too.

Does your year agree?

Once you’ve found out about the venue availability, school traditions and school reception then you should find out what the rest of year would like.

It is a good idea to let them vote for their preferred date. Give them three dates to choose from and go with the most popular choice.

Be Flexible & Book Early

Remember to be flexible with the date you pick. If following a tradition means you have less venue options available then don’t be afraid to pick a new date. Once you’ve decided on the date, provisionally book the venues that you are interested in.

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