Where To Have Your Debs?

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Deciding where to have your debs ball is one of the most important roles of the debs committee. The venue you select will heavily influence what type of debs you have. When selecting a venue the first thing to do is create a shortlist of three to five venues that fit your criteria. Creating a shortlist of venues will reduce the amount of time you have to spend contacting and viewing venues that might not suit your needs.

Here are some key things to consider before you create a shortlist of venues:

Near or Far?

Do you want to go with a local venue that your year can take a limo or party bus to? Or, do you want to make a trip out of it and get all the guests onto coaches to travel together to a venue over an hour away.

Deciding how far you are willing to travel will help you to narrow down the counties that you can filter your hotel search by. A good rule is not to go further than one and half hours away. Remember the more time you spend traveling the less time you have in the venue.

Five Star or Budget?

Is the quality of venue or price of the tickets more important to you?

Unfortunately it is hard to find a five star venue with one star pricing. So it’s most likely that you’ll have to compromise on one. If you need to keep the price of the tickets as cheap as possible but also want an upmarket venue then you can always go for the cheapest debs package available from the venue.

Big or Small?

Are there less than 100 guests or more than 250 guests attending your debs?

If yes, then not all venues might not be able to cater for you. Many venues require a minimum of 80 or 100 guests in order to offer the debs package at the price shown. On the flip side, most venues will only be able to cater for 250 to 300 guests. Don’t worry though, some venues can cater for up to 1000 guests.

Check the small print to see what the minimum and maximum number of guests are for that venue. If you have less guests that the venue requires don’t be put off. Contact the venue and tell them the numbers you expect to attend. They may be willing to offer the debs package at a slightly higher price per person or for the same price but with a few less package options.

All-inclusive or Custom?

Do you want to organise your own band/DJ/entertainment or do you want a debs package that includes everything?

It is becoming more popular for venues to offer all-inclusive debs packages which have everything from the meal to photos and transport. If you want to make things really simple then select an all-inclusive debs package by including all the options you want in the debs package options filter.

If you’d prefer to organise everything yourself and use a DJ, band or photographer that you know, it is best to find a meal only debs package option. Most venues will offer this if you request it. The venue will probably ask for the contact details of the DJ, band or other supplier in advance so they can make sure they are happy to give them access to the premises.

To Stay or Not?

Do the guests need overnight accommodation?

If your school is a boarding school or guests are traveling far then they might need overnight accommodation. It is best to let guests book their own accommodation so the debs committee aren’t responsible for any issues. However, not all venues provide overnight accommodation for guests attending a debs ball. Filter by bedrooms to find venues that do.

Remember though, if the debs goes on until 4 or 5am you probably don’t need to fork out for a room.

What Next?

Once you’ve answered the above questions use the filter options on debs.ie/hotels to select the counties and package options you need. Consider the search results your shortlist of suitable venues. When you’ve found a few venues that you like contact the venue through debs.ie to check availability or arrange a viewing.

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